Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Samsung DLP HDTV Problem - Flickering screen after about 30 minutes

Samsung DLP HDTV Problem - Flickering screen after about 30 minutes Video Clips. Duration : 0.27 Mins.

Bought this Samsung DLP HDTV about a year ago, and I am already having an issue. After about 30 minutes of normal viewing and good picture quality, it starts flickering like in this video and I can hear a slight humming/ticking from the back of the TV. The bulb is very bright and solid (looking at it from the back of the TV), and even during the screen flickering, it does not flicker at all or go dim. The tiny fan that appears to keep the circuit board cool looks to be running fine. Anyone know what is wrong? Is it the color wheel? The ballast? Something else? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Once I resolve the issue, I'll post what was wrong for others with a similar issue. CNET Forum seeking advice: forums.cnet.com UPDATE: The repair guy just came. He replaced the DLP chip and the DMD board. It appears to have done the trick thusfar.. Not sure the cause of the problem; although he did advise me to make sure I update the firmware everyone once in a while by going to samsung.com and downloading it to a USB drive, then going to SW update in the tv menu... Hopefully everything is good to go now.... UPDATE: Actually, I just found out yesterday that the TV is not fixed. Replacing the board and chip did not fix it. The repairman must now come back, pick up the TV, and take it to his shop to test it. He says it is a very strange case and he is not sure what is wrong. Will post back on the YouTube video page once I find out what it is.... UPDATE: It appears the problem was the ...

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